The Perfect Accessories

The Perfect Accessories I found two of my favorite types of accessories while walking on…

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Mulberry Project Pop Up

Mulberry Project The Soho NYC-based unique cocktail bar is back in Tulum serving bespoke cocktails…

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Luciana Sampogna

Hey there, my name is Luciana Sampogna… My story with Lu Nathanial (or Lu Rosa,…

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Holiday Traditions. What’s Yours?

Different cultures celebrate the holidays in different ways. Whichever way we celebrate, it’s important that…

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I believe we can all have a perfect life but still ensure we’re being responsible. In other words, we can have good things and we can be good to the world. That’s why The Perfect will be packed with unique ideas to enrich your life  in a responsible way.

I’m excited to show you how I create a dream lifestyle from my travel, fashion, culinary, and social experiences around the world.

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