Dr Fu, Di

I never thought I could look forward to being poked by needles until 7 years ago when I was in excruciating pain from herniated cervical disks. The pain was so bad it made breathing hard, and driving was virtually impossible.

I was finally persuaded by a neighbor, who had been an acupuncture student of Dr Fu, Di, to go to his clinic in Tamarac, Florida. Desperate to ease my pain, I made the one-hour drive in agony. Once I arrived I had to lie down in the waiting room in pain until it was my turn to see him.

As soon as I came face to face with this calm, confident expert I felt he could help me. He asked me a few questions, took a look at my MRI and asked me to show him my tongue. He then calmly explained what was going on with me. His analysis went beyond the physical aspects of my body and what I was going through in that moment. He confidently pointed out flaws in my lifestyle and suggested small changes. I still remember him saying, “You are Brazilian! You need to dance more often! With your talkative personality, you should call friends on a whim!”

After a single needle acupuncture session right then and there, I was already feeling much better. From not being able to sit or walk, that night I went out with friends and found myself dancing on a party bus on our way to Miami for dinner! Since then I regularly go to see Dr Fu, Di. I trust his judgment and his diagnosis. He always makes me feel safe and confident.

Dr Fu, Di can tell a lot by simply looking at your tongue and checking your pulse, rather than needing to perform all kinds of expensive and invasive tests. I feel he’s truly dedicated to creating overall wellness for each patient. He doesn’t just fix the problem, he also looks at what is causing it and how to prevent it from coming back.

In addition to his clinic, Dr Fu, Di runs a Traditional Chinese Medicine institute in South Florida where students from all over the world come to learn from him how to understand the body and mind of patients.

Find more about him on www.getchi.com