Mulberry Project Pop Up

Mulberry Project

The Soho NYC-based unique cocktail bar is back in Tulum serving bespoke cocktails from November to May 2018.

Mulberry Project at La Zebra Tulum

It allows you to design your own cocktail utilizing their special mixology program.

I mentioned to our bartender that we had kids and they were still able to enjoy virgin custom “designed” cocktails.

Happy 2018! Cheers with bespoken cocktails.

The Mulberry Project pop up has been to Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena and Tel Aviv before going back to the idilic La Zebra Hotel in Tulum. 

Their Bartenders are from all over the world, and are trained by Mulberry Project NYC.

Mor and Miguelito, the Pig Piñata mascot.

Our bartender’s name was Mor and she was from Israel.

Mor carefully prepared our Perfect Cocktails.

She was originally trained in Tel Aviv by the Mulberry Project and came to Tulum with their return in November. She was not only a great cocktail mixer but was also very friendly. She described her experiences with Mulberry Project and how it worked. She was also very excited about the prospects for her to visit and work in the types of Perfect Places the Mulberry Project pops up in.

I’m looking forward to the next Mulberry Project pop up destination.