The Diane Von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress

Living in Manhattan one has many opportunities and choices, not to mention temptations. I had just had my second child and wanted to update my wardrobe—it was fall so I especially needed some warmer clothes. Even though I’d pretty much already lost my pregnancy weight, my body wasn’t, shall we say, quite the same. Lucky for me we lived two blocks from Bloomingdale’s and all the top High Street retail stores. I decided to first stop by Zara and sort out my basic needs—I remember I bought about six pieces there that were fun and fairly useful. But, post baby, I now felt deserving of more of a splurge. I wanted to invest in a dress that I had had my eyes on since Diane von Fürstenberg re-launched her collection, initially known as DVF. I had always been a fan of Seventies style—the colors, the patterns, the prints (along with the hair and make-up) that DVF so perfectly epitomized.

The most iconic piece of DVF, dating back to that era, is her signature Wrap Dress. So I bought one from the Vintage collection, and I’m still wearing it some thirteen years later! I now own several DVF wrap dresses, rompers and jumpsuits and they’ve become part of my uniform. Those half-dozen basics from Zara? They served a temporary purpose, but not one lasted through to the following season.