The Perfect Accessories

The Perfect Accessories

I found two of my favorite types of accessories while walking on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; the cutest straw bag and some very unique jewelry.

I found them at a boutique named BIURIFUL, which sells a sophisticated selection of fashionable swimwear, whimsical sunglasses, trendy underwear and some accessories I couldn’t live without.

This is their website:

BIURIFUL store carries the most amazing accessories I found in Playa del Carmen
They also have strawberry and pineapple straw bags.

The item that first caught my attention was a pink pig handbag made of straw! It was absolutely adorable.

It was such a big hit.

People would stop their cars to ask me about it. Their questions ranged from where I had bought it, to how to open it.

The children named it Crispy Bacon, which was cute because two of their names are Chris and Peter (read Chris-P Bacon).

Crispy Bacon went with us everywhere!
Crispy Bacon became our mascot during our family trip to the Riviera Maya.

The jewelry that I discovered was by the French brand Nach Bijoux.

You can check them on line here:

Nach handmade jewelry stole my heart!

It is exquisitely handmade using porcelain, gold plated materials, silver, crystal and other embellishments.

Nach handmade jewelry stole my heart!

It was very hard for me to choose from the collection of colorful and fun pieces on display.

I have a feeling I will constantly be gifting jewelry from this collection to my friends since they bring a smile to people’s face.

Jewelry always brings a smile to my face!

I settled on a pair of earrings with swans. I chose them because I love the symbolism they represent as they mate for life. I also chose a bracelet with 2 leopards facing each other, which happens to be my favorite animal print.

In love with those Swans earrings and leopards bangle.

I am already online choosing new pieces to order, and I’m in luck, they deliver from France!

Nach Bijoux
What’s the next adventure Crispy Bacon is coming along?