Holiday Traditions. What’s Yours?

Different cultures celebrate the holidays in different ways.

Whichever way we celebrate, it’s important that we are reminded of the real reasons behind our own traditions.

A frequent visitor to The Perfect recently shared her holiday tradition with me, which puts a focus on quality family time.

She wrote: “I use a wood advent calendar and instead of adding candy or chocolate to each little drawer representing the 24 days, I add a little note with ideas of things to do as a family…meaningful things to remind us that it’s not all about the gifts but rather the memories.

For example, Day 1: Play a board game as a family.

Day 2: Watch a movie together, don’t forget the popcorn!

Day 3: Go for a walk together.

Day 4: Pack a picnic and sit by the beach as a family.

Day 5: Give each other a big hug.

Day 6: Bake something together.

Day 7: Cook together.

Day 8: Plan a day trip together.

Day 9: Go on a car ride at night to see the decorated homes, etc…

It forces us to spend time together, no excuses! ”

The Advent Calendar with tasks instead of candies.

I invite you to share your traditions!