Grand Hotel du Lac

Magnificent hotels from the Belle Époche line the Swiss Riviera. Each city boasts its own grande dame. For Lausanne, it’s the Beaux Rivage. For Vevey, the Trois Couronne. And for Montreux, Le Montreux Palace. International guests flock to each of these.

Locals, however, often choose the Grand Hotel du Lac on the Montreux side of Vevey. It’s more intimate. More unique. And its attention to detail makes everything from its service to its cuisine to its décor pure pleasure.

When Luciana Nathanial came to visit, there was no doubt that this was the place she needed to be. Since it was a beautiful summer day, we skipped the one-star Michelin Restaurant, Les Saisons, and the delightful and delicious La Véranda, and headed to the Garden Lounge. In the shade of plantain trees, we watched boats bob in the Vevey Marina as we tasted our way through the casual menu.

When it was time for the final stage of our lunch, there was no question about moving indoors. Coffee and tea had to be partaken in the sumptuous Oriental Lounge. The décor alone is a treat. Add in a douceur, and you have The Perfect Finish to The Perfect Place.

Take a look for yourself…

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