Seated Ballerina

Another Spring surprise to greet visitors to New York is the Seated Ballerina in Rockefeller Center. It is a 15 meter (45 feet) tall, nylon inflatable sculpture, which will be on display through June 2nd, 2017.

The artist that created it is Jeff Koons and his intentions are to bring awareness to the issue of missing children as May is Missing Children’s month. Through this sculpture he hopes to communicate hope and optimism to everyone.

Koons said that Seated Ballerina  is a contemporary inspiration of the beauty, contemplation and sense of easy of the goddess Venus.

I am so thrilled to see art being brought to the streets not only for visual aesthetics but to address bigger issues affecting us all. It is an effective way to get people to think about things and to begin broader discussions.

Art in the streets is bringing awareness of social issues to everyone!

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